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Retirement Plans for Small Businesses

Quality Retirement Plans
At an Affordable Price

As a business owner, did you know you have the ability to put aside a considerable amount of money for your retirement while providing a valuable benefit for your employees? A 401(k) retirement plan allows you to put aside a certain amount annually, to grow tax-free until you retire. Those retirement plan contributions may be tax deductible, so why not let the IRS help you save for retirement? And, if you can save more than the 401(k) plan allows, we have additional ways to help get even more money into your retirement savings.

If you have not established a 401(k), let Harvest Financial Partners help you put a low-cost plan in place. If you have an established plan, let us see if we can lower the annual cost and improve the fund lineup.

Why a 401(k) Plan From Harvest May Be Better


A plan from Harvest may cost less than from other providers. We can partner with low-cost retirement plan administrators to provide you with a terrific plan at a very reasonable price. Or we can work with your existing administrator and try to lower investment expenses.

Investment Options

A plan from Harvest can use mutual funds from almost any company, including Vanguard, DFA, Oakmark and Dodge & Cox. We will tailor a plan menu to meet you and your employee’s needs.


Harvest will help you as the business owner with the set up and operation of the plan. As the investment advisor, we will also provide quarterly reports on the funds in the plan lineup. Finally, Harvest can provide you and your employees with personalized advice on how to invest your valuable 401(k) dollars. Because we are not compensated for product sales, we can give you specific and actionable advice.

The Value of Independent Advice

When you offer a retirement plan to your employees, you become a fiduciary and held to the highest standards under the law. Harvest Financial Partners will share some of that responsibility with you and serve as a co-fiduciary on your plan. We provide objective advice on fund options. Because we are completely independent, we have no limitations on finding and recommending the best options for your plan. Additionally, because our compensation is not tied to selling any products, you can be assured that our advice will be independent, objective and focused on what is best for the company and its employees. Just as importantly, our fees are very clear and transparent—there are no hidden charges.

Harvest can also provide personalized guidance to the plan participants. For many individuals, their 401(k) balance represents one of their largest assets, yet they are often not provided with specific, actionable advice from experienced professionals. Harvest believes everyone should receive the support they need to make the most out of their 401(k) investment.

Two men working together on laptop and tablet computer respectively Paoli, PA Harvest Financial Partners

Harvest can also provide a range of services on either an annual or one-time basis:

  • Evaluation of your current plan
  • Ongoing monitoring of your plan
  • Participant education and advice
  • Assistance with the establishment and design of new plan

Start Building a More Secure Financial Future
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