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Let Us Develop a Portfolio
That Reflects Your Values, Goals and Lifestyle

Work with a Partner
who has your best interests in mind

At Harvest Financial Partners, we construct our clients' portfolios so they can sleep well at night. The companies we buy are well-managed and high quality. They must pay a dividend and we look for stocks likely to increase that dividend over time. We believe not only in growing your principal but also increasing your income.

Additionally, we can diversify your portfolio through the use of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and bonds.

advisor looking over report of multiple stocks. Paoli, PA Harvest Financial Partners

Our Process Is Clear

Our client portfolios are built stock by stock. Instead of spending time determining the next turn of the market, the direction of interest rates or the status of the economy, we put together a diversified portfolio of stocks that can benefit you and your goals. By researching individual companies, we can decide which stocks would be the most favorable long-term holdings.

The companies we choose possess three important attributes.
They must:

Pay a Dividend

To be considered for a client’s portfolio, a company must pay a dividend. Typically the stocks we buy either have a yield that is greater than the broader market or we believe the company must be committed to growing its dividend rapidly.

Be of the Highest Quality

We further narrow the universe by searching for the highest-quality stocks. We know that high-quality companies can better weather fluctuations in the economy and in the markets. They also provide more consistency in their earnings and cash flow.

Quality can be in the eye of the beholder, but it often means firms that have strong balance sheets and market positions, and earn high returns on equity and invested capital.

Be Selling at a Low Valuation

Though companies may pass our dividend and quality tests, those stocks still do not automatically make it into our clients’ portfolios. A great company selling at too high a valuation may not be a sound long term investment. The stock must be inexpensively priced when compared to earnings, cash flow and assets.

We want you to achieve financial success

Therefore Every Stock Matters

A significant amount of time is spent researching and debating the investment merits of each stock up-front. This initial time commitment reduces the risk of your portfolio. For our clients, we seek to build your stock portfolio to have a dividend yield greater than the broad market. We also seek underlying growth in dividends faster than the market.

Our investment process also maintains an element of discipline in selling stocks. As circumstances change and a stock no longer meets one of our criteria, we eliminate that stock from your portfolio. Because we are always seeking to improve our clients' portfolios, we may also sell a stock if we find something more attractive to replace it.

Not every client needs or wants just individual stocks, so we often use exchange traded funds, mutual funds and individual bonds when constructing a portfolio. These allow us to better diversify a portfolio and provide exposure to smaller companies and companies headquartered overseas.

Our Philosophy...

helps us to design a portfolio that meets your individual investment needs. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach to investing, but an approach that acknowledges each client as an individual.

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